The tipster calls and provides information to the tip line operator. A code number is given to the caller and their identity is never revealed or requested. They are instructed to call Crime Stoppers in the future for an update quoting their code number. If the information leads to an arrest, the caller is elligible for a cash award. There is no call display on the tip line telephones and the calls are not taped or traced. The caller does not have to give evidence in court.

How to use Crime Stoppers:

  • Call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) with your tip.

  • Your information will be identified by a code number to insure you remain anonymous.

  • If your tip is positive and advances a criminal investigation, you may be eligible for a cash award of up to $2,000.00.

  • Payment will be made in a manner that will keep you completely anonymous.

  • You may also report a crime from your cellular telephone by dialing *(star) TIPS.


  1. The Board of Directors determine the amount of the award when several factors, such as the seriousness of the crime, the risk to caller, etc., are considered.

  2. The co-ordinator is contacted by the caller (tipster) and arrangements made to pay reward.

  3. The award (cash) is placed in a plain envelope.

  4. The caller determines the name to be placed on the envelope.

  5. Arrangements made, with the agreement of the caller, to deliver the envelope to a certain location.

  6. The co-ordinator delivers the envelope to the location.

  7. The caller then picks up the envelope.



Crime Stoppers believe that someone, other than the criminal, has knowledge of the crime in each case. The main factors that hinder people from calling the police on a crime are APATHY and FEAR OF REPRISAL. Crime Stoppers combats apathy by offering a cash award for the arrest of a person(s) responsible for a criminal activity. A guarantee of ANONYMITY eliminates the fear of reprisal.







To Date

New Case Files 188 256 2969
Update Calls 340 365 2635
General Info. Calls 365 338 2791
Total Calls 893 959 8395
Cases Solved 38 40 563
Arrests 22 55 445
($) Drugs Seized $432,100 $218,000 $881,608
($) Property Seized $33,263 $35,450 $594,024
($) Total Seized $465,363 $253,450 $1,475,632
($) Awards Paid $2,900 $2,925 $30,025
($) Cost/Solved Case $88 $70 $53